Our top priority is to build a better healthy community.


   As a community-based pharmacy, Harlem has a special connection with each patient in the neighbourhood.Our team lives in the Harlem community, and we make our customers feel like family each visit they take here. We are here to meet all your pharmacy needs and help our patients live their best lives.

  • We are active in the community
  • Provide quality customer service and counseling
  • Provide a positive customer experience
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • We’re more than a pharmacy; we’re part of your healthcare team!

Available Medications

  Prescription Drugs:If your doctor or medical provider has given you a paper prescription, bring it in and we'll get your prescription filled quickly.

   Over-The-Counter(OTC): Looking for basic medicines like headache medicine or cough syrups? We have a wide range of choices.

Want to talk with a pharmacist?

Our specially trained pharmacists are available Mon-Fri (9am - 7pm) and Sat (10am - 4pm) at 212-926-7500


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Proudly serving the Harlem community since 2009.


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